Fear of Fear – Lucifer the Supreme (Official Lyric Video)

“With all our respect and affection to one of the greatest Death Metal vocalists, eternal Brett Hoffman”

Fear of Fear – Lucifer the Supreme

A Tribute to the great Brett Hoffman / Malevolent Creation. (R.I.P. July, 07, 2018)

By The Cross Members:

Paulo Monteiro (Guitars, Bass, Drums)
Eduardo Harbringer of Doom (Vocals)
Daniel Fauaze (Guitars)

Sitting next to your bed
Smelling you
Entering your darkest nightmares
pouring sulfur into your life
Taking you to my world of suffering
Mental imbalance
Useless prayers
No one will hear you
Your whining is mine
I’m here to hug you
My bloody atmosphere without benevolence
Your mother is my lover
You were conceived
In my realm of pain and woe
Your visions are where they should be
In the eternal flames below
in my personal hell
Souls torn apart for my delight
Your lacerated soul shall be mine
I’ll spit on your crucifix
where only doubt resides
Your priest is my servant
This is my domain next to your bed
In the next room
In the eyes of the serpents
I am Lucifer the supreme
Here i am present and here i will stay forever
I am Lucifer the supreme
I am the pain
The suffering and your disgrace
My name is Lucifer, the supreme


General Data

Song By Paylo Monteiro
Lyrics By Eduardo Harbringer of Doom
Arrangements and Solos by Daniel Fauaze
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Paulo Monteiro at LFX Music Works

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